May 19, 2023 · Nicole harnesses girl power on "Alma" on the track "8 AM," a sensual rap banger and collaboration with Young Miko, 25, a female Latin trap artist making waves with her unapologetic queerness.

范曉萱. Birthdate: June 14, 1999.


(火球祭), A Music Festival Held by a Band.

Browse the top taiwanese female vocal artists to find new music. Her chart-topping tunes have swept the island's top music accolades. Wang Li Hong, Tao Ze, and Jolin Tsai are also very famous Taiwanese singers.

The most famous living singers include Takeshi Kaneshiro, Sally Yeh, and Chou Tzu-yu.

2 days ago · Caroline Polachek has shared her distaste for the label ‘female artists’, saying: “gender is not a genre. Birthdate: June 14, 1999. .

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He is also referred to as Vitas.

Wong has gained a reputation for her “coolness”.

Her eighth studio album, Stefanie, landed her the Best. May 16, 2023 · Jiang Ling: In the 1980s, Taiwanese female singers could become popular once.

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Browse the top chinese female artists to find new music.
Rising female hip-hop artist Hsien Ching 陳嫺靜 has been making her mark on music charts with her prominent, whimsical style.

Browse the top taiwanese girl groups artists to find new music.

In addition to contributing to the music scene, Jiang Ling's "sister head" hairstyle has also caused countless girls to imitate frenzy.

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The first Mandarin rap song was performed by singer-songwriter Harlem Yu in Taiwan, who is known for being one of the first artists to experiment with R&B and rap in the Mandopop music industry in the early 1980s, which was parallel to the early New York 1980s rap songs. 范曉萱. Chou Tzu-yu. . . When it comes to the best female rock singers of all time, Ann Wilson has certainly earned this title.


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Unlike most rappers in Taiwan, he spits verses exclusively in English.

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